Have you ever played the Jelly Bean Boozled Challenge? No, read on soon! The Jelly Bean Boozled game is indeed the most nasty game ever! The Games come from America where it is wildly popular. Jelly Bean Boozled has been sold in the Netherlands for a while. Have you become curious? Do you want to take up the challenge now? Go quickly to the product page.

How does the Bean Boozled Challenge work?

The Bean Boozled Challenge actually works very simple. In The packaging is a wheel with all kinds of color Jelly Beans. Each color has 2 flavors. One of these two tastes has a super dirty taste. There are about 90 Jelly Beans Per box. If they are on, it is not a disaster. We also have a refill pack available. The one that starts with the game, turns to the wheel. Then you look at what color the wheel has come out. You look for this color from the box and eat it. Now it's very exciting whether you've packed the jelly bean with a nice taste, or the jelly bean with a dirty taste. Do you dare?

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